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About Us

Raising Awesome Humans by Respectful Parent is a community of parents who just want to raise awesome kids and find the joy in parenting... or the support they need when the joy went out the window. It's for parents who want to raise kids who they awesomely enjoy. It's for inspiration, it's for support, it's for learning, it's your everything in one place. Many of us coming from a background in R.I.E. or Parent Effectiveness Training and are looking for more tools as their children age. 

Beyond the Book: A Deep Dive into the P.E.T. book with Live Coaching
In-person classes are on hold due to COVID-19 but as a way to keep parents making the best of the stay at home order, Beyond the Book for Parent Effectiveness Training  is the next best thing! 

Parent Effectiveness Training will give you the roadmap you need to figure out who owns that problem, what skill to use and when to use it!  When the child owns the problem you'll learn to Actively Listen, when YOU own a problem you'll learn how to confront effectively so you'll be heard, and when you both own a problem we'll learn how to problem solve collaboratively so everyone's needs get met.  I truly believe that peace begins with parenting and if we can change the way we parent, we can create generations of empathetic, caring people with good boundaries to boot!  I hope you'll join me!

Why You Should Join Us

We created Beyond the Book, P.E.T. to bring together the people most important to us in a way that’s focused, valuable, and––most importantly––all our own. We want to help parents learn and talk about strategies so that we can enjoy our kids more and have the skills to feel confident that we are raising good people, no matter how hard it gets. Here's a little bit about us:

HI, I’m Kelly and I’m inviting you to join me in an eight week online guided book study and coaching course on Parent Effectiveness Training. It will give you important shifts in parenting that will create real change in your relationships with your kids.

Parenting can be beautiful, but it can also be frustratingly hard. I’ll help guide you through it so that when the time comes, they’ll trust you with the big stuff…. trouble at school, online activity, peer struggles, and other tough things to navigate.  

Class begins February 14th and we are offering three levels of membership. General membership offers just the forum with weekly videos and questions posted daily, VIP offers added Zoom calls, and Gold offers one one coaching plus group calls and the forum.   Hopefully you will find your just right fit in the buttons below. 

This book is the key to building that kind of trusting relationship we all hope to have.

I used to struggle with parenting… strong-willed child, anyone?  I used to think I it was normal to be exhausted from daily interactions and power struggles with my kids. I was not sure where I was going wrong (or if I even was wrong), but I certainly wasn’t having much fun.  It just seemed like I was missing something - that it shouldn’t have to be quite so HARD and it turns out it didn’t!

I found this book and it was the key to shifting my relationships with my kids even my husband! It was just a few tweaks in HOW I was communicating that made all the difference. This shift was so powerful that I became certified to teach courses in it so others could feel what I felt – JOY, COOPERATION, RESPECT – PEACE!

You can create this too without Blame, Shame, or Fear of Judgment– Parenting is vulnerable enough without being told you’re doing it wrong. I help you find ways that work for YOU, not the parent down the street.

Parenting doesn’t need to be filled with stress, anxiety, fatigue & drama…. like mine was.

There is an INCREDIBLE power to be found.

But you have to know how to open it up, read it & use it.

That's where I come in....BUT grab it now because the last day to register is February 14th

The Tools Discussed inside the Parent Effectiveness Training book are:

  • We've got a Road Map! This model sums up all the skills and WHEN to use them. It's a life saver and a mindfulness model all in one.
  • The Behavior Window -  a mindfulness model that helps you stop and think before you respond.
  • Recognizing 'who owns the problem' so you're not owning them ALL.
  • Listening to your children so they feel genuinely understood.
  • Talking to your children so that they will listen to and understand you.
  • Resolving conflicts and problems in your family so that problems stay solved.
  • Troubleshooting family problems through No-Lose Problem Solving.
  • Avoiding the use of punishments or rewards – and why they won't even be necessary anymore!

This Book Club is for You if you:

  • Don’t want to be told HOW to parent and want a book that honors what it is YOU need, no matter what everyone else is doing.
  • Have heard of Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.) and want to learn more.
  • Want some support going through and understanding the book.
  • Are curious about P.E.T. but are not ready to commit to a course or workshop.
  • Have taken the in-person course already, but could use a small refresher.
  • Want to improve communication in all areas of your life.
  • Want more rewarding relationships.

Restore Peace & Joy in Your Family With

- Weekly online questions, conversations, and prompts about each chapter.

- Examples of how to use each skill in real life.

- A private online community of parents all going through the book together so you can have plenty of support.

- Group Q & A sessions in an online forum that cover your real life problems.

- Weekly videos using my own personal stories to reinforce ideas you have read about.

- Flexibility to go at your pace each week.

- Easy access link to purchase P.E.T. book.


  • Your children will feel freer to discuss their problems and concerns with you (less shoulder shrugging, more mutual understanding, respect).
  • They will learn self-discipline, self-control and an inner sense of personal responsibility (fewer tantrums, more initiative, and independence).
  • You will learn how to express the impact your children’s unacceptable behaviors have on you without blaming or shaming them (less resistance, much more cooperation).
  • You will experience fewer power struggles (more fun, appreciation, and love!)

This could be YOUR Village and we are waiting for you!

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